Attention Distributors:

If your delivery trucks frequent our downtown area, please fill out this short survey so that we can collaborate with the City of West Palm Beach to create solutions to loading and delivery zoning issues!

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Are You Interested in Sponsoring the Downtown West Palm Beach Hospitality Association?

$1000 Annual Dues

Becoming a sponsoring partner of the Downtown West Palm Beach Hospitality Association is a way for both Vendors and valuable community organizations to be included in critical conversation such as loading & delivery zones or safety and security as well as weigh in on or suggest alternatives that can support a more sustainable downtown and a better environment for all of us to operate our businesses within. Aside from networking with the major stakeholders in our industry, sponsors also have the added benefit of receiving updates on any City ordinances or developing policies within the new administration which might somehow impact our industry so that we can readily account for those changes, together.
Our sponsoring partners are also invited to our quarterly "Meet The Vendor" events so that they can engage with business owners and City leaders about the solutions they bring to our industry.