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Since inception, The Downtown WPB Hospitality Association has been the cornerstone of our local hospitality industry, bringing together its community of members to effect change in our City. Our remarkable resources, reliable support and commitment to go above and beyond for the benefit of our members are unparalleled to keep our community growing every day.


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The Downtown WPB Hospitality Association’s geographical eligibility guidelines mirror the boundaries of the Downtown Development Authority as of 9/1/2018.  Membership applications must be accepted by a majority vote of Board of Directors and, for voting rights, applicants must maintain all licenses current with no major violations against them.  The Association reserves the right to approve, deny or revoke membership based on these minimum requirements.


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Join Us Today - Connect with like minded hospitality merchants in our downtown, stay up to date on updates and changes to ordinances which affect the operation of your establishment and take advantage of the benefits offered through our community partners.

We welcome you to be a part of the conversations that impact your business most and help your voice to be heard so we can positively influence the growth of our great city!

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Fast-Casual Establishment


Available to businesses within the hospitality industry consisting of under 20 employees or square footage under 2000sf.

Full-Service Establishment


Available to businesses within the hospitality industry consisting of over 20 employees or square footage above 2000sf.